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Unstoppable affiliate

The Unstoppable affiliate is one the best affiliate marketing course which is created by Andrew hansan and Josh Stanton.

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The course contains more than 50 video tutorials which covering all the aspect of affiliate marketing.

Inside the course, you will see the following modules which are covering important aspect of internet marketing.

First: Research: Use this area to get your grounding in "unstoppable" market research and proceed only when you've used the techniques to find your first big profit center. When you've done that...

Then: Site Strategies: This will show you how to create the perfect mini site based around the offer and keyword market you've just found. This will take you to the brink of profitability with a site so solid it will stick in the search engines for good. When you're done here...

Then: Conversion Strategy: This area will show you how to turn your site from one that... exists... to one that converts your visitors into buyers like crazy AND simultaneously please the search engines... a fine tightrope to walk. Once you've got a conversion monster, it only needs it's final ingredient...

Then: Traffic Mastery: Here you'll learn how to bring the right kinds of visitors to the right pages on your mini site for fast traffic and easy affiliate commissions. You'll get the most up to date search engine strategy including how we survived the recent Google update and more.

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Top Diet for the muscle building

By now you should have read part one and maybe we got your attention. You are now asking: "What do I need to do to have this energy you spoke of?" "What kind of foods can I eat?" "What kind of training can I do to maximize this diet?" This is what we will discuss in this article. My co-author is the 'Master of The Keto' himself, Fitnessman. You can always find him on the forum in the nutrition and losing fat section, educating those who need it. He is currently working on his masters in nutrition and he is the man to listen to when it comes to a Ketogenic diet for bodybuilders. Now on with the show…

Unfortunately not everyone can eat everything in sight and get away with it. Some of us do put on excessive fat doing so. Why? Could be a number of factors but the number one factor is eating the wrong foods and ratios. As we age our body's metabolism starts to slow down and fat is a lot easier to put on and keep on our bodies. We soon find that a simple food item we once were able eat with no problems, now causes us to gain fat. We also find our training suffers due to being too tired to workout, let alone stand and walk. We find ourselves taking supplements like ECA stacks to keep us going through the day. But the ECA stack only works temporarily and then we are listless once again. Never really knowing why all this is happening, we continue (or should I say try to) with our daily lives. We are constantly striving to find ways to increase our metabolism and lose the excessive fat we have hanging over our belts, but more often then not we fail in this quest.

Most of the time it is because we are not forewarned of certain diets, such as the food guide pyramid that the USDA puts out. How many have actually followed this guideline to only find out it didn't work? Or how many have been told that the key to proper nutrition is to mix your foods and eat fats, carbs and a small amount of protein at each meal. Ever wonder why those who lose fat fail again in the future? They didn't condition the body for permanent weight loss. They went on a strict diet to lose 10 pounds the first week, then 5-6 pounds each time thereafter. That is great but, with the lack of calories during the diet, (eating carrot sticks or drinking Slim Fast all the time) once the diet is finished the fat creeps up once again. In my opinion mixing carbs and fats is a major NO, NO. Why is this?You can get the best guide about foods to build muscle.

We all know that eating carbs will create an insulin response and this is good. While eating fats and carbs together, the fats will enter the adipose tissue as it is trying to be drawn up into the body. This is what causes fatty deposits in the body. This in my opinion is the problem with obese people. They really don't understand the proper way to eat, and eating potato chips (carbs and fats) is not the way to go. Food is the most powerful drug around and it can either make you or break you. It's all up to you. Even bodybuilders seem to make the same mistakes in their diets. I have seen trainees trying to cut by eating a 'well balanced diet' with carbs, proteins and fats, only to stall out and have a hard time losing the fat. They say you have to eat carbs and fats. Well… Yes and no.

If the timing is correct, yes, there is a right and wrong time for everything. When we were younger it seemed that everything we ate passed right through our system and we didn't gain any weight by eating garbage. My parents used to ask me if I had a hollow leg, due to the fact I ate all the time, and ate anything I wanted to eat. As life progressed I learned that it was not possible to keep living this lifestyle of eating everything in sight. It was time to change the diet. Lets look at the diet for cutting and bulking on a ketogenic diet for bodybuilders.

Cutting Diet

When cutting up to lose fat deposits, Fitnessman recommends eating 10 calories per pound of bodyweight with one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight.

We will use a 200 pound man as an example. A 200 pound man will consume 2000 calories a day. This will come out to roughly eating 200 grams of protein. Fitnessman feels that this is the way to go, not only because it works for him, but because he has seen it work for others. While on a ketogenic diet he feels that one gram per pound of protein is the best way to go to conserve muscle mass while cutting. Now this would equal out to 800 calories of protein, spread this out through the day into roughly six meals.

Fitnessman feels that carbohydrate intake should be around fifty grams a day for a 200 pound person. Spread this out over the course of the day for your meals. This will equal roughly 200 calories of carbohydrates. In my opinion, only because this is what works for me, I eat only 30 grams of carbohydrates a day and in only one meal. I do not mix fats with this meal. My morning meal consists of proteins and carbs only and I eat this early in the morning when hormone levels are at their highest. This seems to aid in recovery and fat loss for me. But again this is something you will have to experiment with for yourselves. Don't eat simple carbs, although in my opinion simple and complex are not really that much different, only the more complex version which will be discussed further in this article.

As for fats, here is the good news: Eat any kind you want to. The ratio is roughly 111 grams of fat which will equal 999 calories. This will be discussed later in this article.

The post workout shake should consist of 30 grams of whey and 30 grams of just about any juice. This will be immediately used by the body to replenish lost glycogen stores in the muscles.The whey is a faster absorbable protein than most other kinds. The only real thing that varies with this diet, Is energy levels. If a person runs low on energy they need to bump up the fat intake a bit. If recovery is too slow, then bump up the fat and protein intake. Everyone's metabolism is different, even when cutting some one can handle more calories than others. So let your body be your guide.

Foods To Eat

As for foods to eat, well this the easy part:

All full fat cheeses are allowed
All meats
Cottage cheese the full fat variety
Egg yolks and all
Slim Jims (Fitnessman will probably end up fighting you for these.)
Fish oils
Extra virgin olive oils (do no cook with it, the properties will change.)
Flax seed

Just keep your eyes open for the carb content when you shop for foods.

Vegetables are also an excellent source of carbs and will keep the digestive system working properly. We suggest eating a lot of fibrous vegetables, there are many to choose from, you will just have to do your homework. Here are a few vegetables with the amount of calories in them.

These all are roughly 10 grams of carbs per serving.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sharp mind - the techniques to have sharp mind

Here are some tips that helps to make a sharp mind.

1) Try saying (thinking works well) so you back.

2) Math. Calculate things. Like many people on the bus can take the

The price of food, roots and squares of random numbers, etc. Be creative.

3) Crosswords and Sodukos most papers.

4) Try to remember things as alive as you are. Last week, year-month,

Some of you are on holiday and the last time, somewhere, or how, or someone

something to watch.

5) Talk with you some moral issues / media, etc. (or the

company). 'What do you think ...'? start an interesting conversation.

6) Make up stories.

7) Maps, which are common in public places. Do you know your city?

country? continent? etc.

Etc. Write the bad hand.

9) Plan stuff. Party, dinner, travel, exploration and a kind of

other activities.

10) Think about your goals. This year. Five years. Ten years.

11) to move. I have to talk to someone.

12) Make lists the Top 5 summer memories, the top-3 songs in the winter.

The original ideas get from this article - sharp mind

Friday, July 24, 2009

Google office in zurich

We all know how Google pampers its employees with lavish office environment and all kinds of facilities and these are a set of photos inside the Google building in Zurich, Switzerland from picassa. Bathtubs where you can sit and relax while watching an aquarium, a hallway slide, peculiar meeting rooms makes you envious with awe for those who can work in the Google workplace.

Check out more of the Google office in Zurich with 37 more pics after the jump.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Guilt and Low Self Esteem - How to Understand and Overcome these Issues

Guilt is an emotion that few of us like to feel or even admit that we carry – but it is the single most damaging emotion that we have. It destroys our relationships and our success as well as robbing us of our happiness in life. We must understand and let go of our guilt if we are to reach our full potential in life.

As a baby or infant we are totally dependent on our parents for our needs - sustenance, security and very importantly, love. If we have any sense that these needs are not met, perhaps due to our parents emotional, health or own relationship problems, then we will feel that something is lacking. We can summarise this as the amount of bonding we experience in our early formative years - the lower the quality of bonding in our original family, the more likely we are to believe that love is scarce and even more critically that we lack love. The heartbreak and traumas around unmet needs in our original families can cause us to draw two very damaging conclusions:

1) My parents failed me

It is fairly easy to see that if our needs have not been met, we will feel let down. We end up feeling resentful towards our parents and may then blame them for their shortcomings and our problems in life.

2) I failed my parents

This second conclusion is much more surprising and destructive because it is the source of huge amounts of guilt. The amount that we feel we have been let down in our relationship with our parents is balanced by the amount we believe we have failed them. This is one of the most important things we can ever learn about relationships. Even as children we take on a great responsibility for the quality of our relationships, particularly with our parents and siblings. If anything is going wrong in the family we will tend to blame ourselves.

Both these conclusions, usually held subconsciously create guilt and this can become accentuated later in life as we blame ourselves for letting other people down, say in romantic relationships or work situations. Not only do we fell guilty for not being good enough, but we also take on all our family's emotional pain and guilt that they have not been able to deal with in their lives. You can see that guilt comes from a horrible tangle of misunderstanding about relationships!

The famous psychoanalyst Freud provided us with another concept - Oedipal guilt. Based on the Greek myth of Oedipus, where a son killed his father, and married his mother. Although such relationships are difficult to accept, given their societal taboos, most people are familiar with cases where a child is very closely attached to the parent of the opposite sex. When this happens the other parent feels excluded and that they have lost the love of their partner. This sets up a competitive triangle in which all parties have deep, suppressed guilt. This is felt strongly (for instance) where a son is guilty for having stolen his father from his mother. The same thing can happen between fathers and daughters. Many psychologists believe that the experience of being part of a triangle as children is replayed in our adult relationships in the form of affairs.

With such a potentially huge amount of guilt, it is not surprising that we move out into our world with low self-esteem - feeling we have been bad and don't deserve to receive life's riches - particularly love. These are very unpleasant sensations so we typically behave in ways that deny them and later we may hide them entirely from our conscious awareness. Unfortunately the low self-worth and guilt is still present in our unconscious memory and can easily sabotage our lives.

Although we made these choices about our self-worth many years ago, guilt acts as a backdrop to our adult lives. Guilt really is a terrible trap and one that most people are unaware they have. It manifests itself through a variety of thoughts, attitudes and negative behaviours that all try to compensate for the guilty feelings inside - essentially smokescreens to hide our guilt from the people around us and even ourselves. You will know you have layers of guilt, if your life is not full of success, loving relationships and a sense of peace and fulfilment.

The key to healing guilt and low self-esteem is to understand what was happening in your original family, accept that you made mistaken choices about your self-worth and guilt. To do this, try to accept that your parents were doing their very best for you given their own circumstances. They loved you dearly but there may have been times when they struggled to express this adequately or when life's challenges made things difficult for them. Above all you must find a way of forgiving yourself and the people around you for what happened all those years ago. As you forgive and rediscover your innocence you will learn to love yourself - then your life will take great leaps forward!